It’s that time of year to start considering an overall door, window and screen inspection. You want to do it now before the hot weather gets here and before those pesky little bugs start hatching and crawling around in the house.

At Majestic Premium Security Screens and Windows we are proud to offer only the finest in quality materials. We now offer various screen materials to choose from, a diverse selection of frames and colors as well as safe dependable locks and hardware. Many people go year to year changing the actual screen materials, but never even think about the hindges, locks and other hardware. All hardware should be new, not reconditioned each time the screen material is changed of replaced.

At Majestic Screens, we offer fast and dependable service, lowest prices, courteous employees and the best quality window screens, security screens, patio doors and patio security doors, pet doors, garage door screens and just about every type and look that is available on the market today.

When you call us out to your home, we will give all the screens a complete inspection. Each door and window frame is 100% inspected, as is all the hardware. What good is it to replace the screen itself, and leave it attached to a rotted out wooden frame, or bent and broken aluminum frame? Not much security in that scenario.

No matter who you might ultimately place your screen order with, you have to be sure that the workers that come into your home, to do all the work, can be trusted and are bonded. We take great pride in knowing that our employees are well known and have been with us for years.

When you are ready, give us a call or go to our web site. We can provide quotes on standard window and door screens, patio door screens, high quality security screens for some of the windows and doors, or all of the windows and doors. We build and install specialty pet doors and screens also, for Fido and for Pussy Willow.