Are Home Security Alarm And Monitoring Systems The Key To Home Security?

Many homeowners have installed extensive alarm systems and monitoring camera systems in an effort to protect their family and possessions, but since the downturn in the economy almost a decade ago, we have seen much more brazen burglaries and home invasions.

Security alarm and monitoring efforts are definitely a good idea, but can have their limitations. Consider a few points:

• Alarm systems ultimately are a psychological deterrent only. They cannot physically keep an intruder out of your home. We have experienced that many homeowners, despite having a home alarm system, have had their homes burglarized. Why is this? A person with knowledge of the industry knows that even if the home is monitored, it will take time for authorities to arrive. According to one source, “The average police response time for verified (audio or video) alarm police dispatches is around seven minutes, nationwide”. An experienced burglar knows that if they see something inside the home that is a target, they have sufficient time for a “smash and grab” execution.

• Alarm wired insect screens can be used on certain openings, but the expense to repair these and the difficulty to clean and maintain can prove inefficient, and the lack of ability to physically stop an intruder poses the same issue. Aside from this option, each door and window opening must be closed, cutting off air flow and circulation into the home, otherwise the alarm is rendered useless.

• Forceful home invasions have become more commonplace too. Many people are afraid to answer a knock at their own door for fear of who may be there. Again, an alarm system provides no barrier between the homeowner and visitor, and a knock at the door can rob many of their sense of peace and security in their own home.

Majestec Premium Security Screens prove to be a valuable replacement or addition to alarm systems for complete home security. Majestec security screens provide a real physical barrier to keep intruders out of your home, even when your doors and windows are open, allowing free flow and circulation of fresh are. In addition, a visitor to your door cannot gain access into your home even by force when opening your entry door to see who’s there.

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