Today, most people think that their family is safe and secure while in their homes. They assume that because they have a good condition screen door or good condition patio sliding screen door, that the kids and belongings in the home are safe.

Maybe in the old days when mom was home and not at work, you could depend on the screen doors to be a barrier to someone coming in or even trying to enter your home un-noticed. Today, the kids come home from school, go to their rooms and start homework. They dont worry about breakins or burglars or their own safety.

When the homework is finished all they can think about is getting outside and seeing the neighbor kids and having fun. In the meantime, they usually leave a door unlocked, near the patio or back entrance to the house. Oh! You have a dog. I’ll bet he or she is really watching out for the house and its safety. The dog is so happy that the kids are home, all he or she wants to do is play. What is the answer?

Security Screen Doors is the Solution
The benefits of having Security Screen Doors are:

  1. You can have your doors open so the fresh air can come in and you do not have to worry about a stranger coming into your home without anyone knowing about it.
  2. You or your children can answer the door safely.
  3. A Security Screen Door adds beauty to the homes appearance.
  4. Security Screen Doors add value to your property.
  5. Privacy issues are solved once and for all with Security Screen Doors.
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When you call our office, we will bring to you the latest in Security Screen Doors, new materials and the new hardware that is available. Our crew is knowledgeable about the latest products and the applications of those products

We will carefully examine the existing door screens and make suggestions on possible new ones. We look at the hardware, hinges and locks too, to be sure they are up to date and safe.