• The product gives you a clear and unobstructed view of the outdoors without compromising your privacy from outsider viewers.
  • As a mesh-screen product, MAJESTEC allows the free-flow and circulation of air for your comfort.
  • More energy efficient in terms of air condition and electric fan consumption.
  • Able to block an average of 60% of harmful UV rays.

Protection and Peace of Mind

  • MAJESTEC security doors & windows provide a security barrier to unlawful entry to your home, discouraging intruders.
  • MAJESTEC provides protection from flies, mosquitoes and other pests.
  • Designed with both security and applications in mind, MAJESTEC helps to prevent burglars, while providing homeowners with ease of use, entry and exit.
  • MAJESTEC products are made strong, secure and durable to provide you with years of trouble-free use.

Architectural and Design Appeal

  • MAJESTEC products are not only made to be strong, but also to enhance and modernize the architectural appeal of your home.
  • MAJESTEC products are easily incorporated into almost all types of doors & windows and come in a variety of color options to suit your personal tastes.

Features Include:

– Exceptional security with clear vision (instead of ugly bars)
– Powder coated finish in a special formulation
– Proven durability to resist marine conditions for residential and
commercial applications
– Black color filters 60% of harmful UV rays
– Custom fitted to each individual application
– Multiple color options see color chart below.
– Corrosion resistance even in coastal weather conditions
– Enhance and modernize the architectural appeal of your home
– Easy to use multi-point locking system
– Dead-bolt lock included

Our products are available in a wide selection of standard colors and a multitude of optional custom colors using premium quality powder coatings.

Standard Colors Include:

The security screen mesh is always black. This allows for clear visibility looking from the inside to the outside, while providing privacy from the outside looking in.

Security Mesh
Security MeshMajestec Security Screen Doors and Windows are manufactured with high-tensile 316 marine grade stainless steel wire. Each strand is individually tested to ensure the highest quality and strength.

Aluminum Frame
Majestec mounting frames are made from heavy duty aluminum (grade 6063-T5).
Aluminum FrameThese aluminum frames are specifically designed for tightly holding the security mesh. There are no exposed screws on the outer frames which makes it difficult to jemmy.

In addition, the frames are powder coated with our own system approved by the top powder supplier in the world in accordance with Metal finishing – Thermoset powder coating for architectural (AS 3715-2002).

Handles, Locks & HardwareHandles Locks Hardware

Your security is only as good as the locks and hardware that are used. That’s why our hardware was selected to withstand impact from attempted forced-entry by burglars and intruders using an implement to pry open doors and windows… or by breaking locks and hinges.

Pet Proof
Does your dog or cat easily damage your existing screen?

Pet ProofTired of replacing your screen doors every couple of years? Majestec security screens are made from stainless steel mesh which are much stronger than regular polyester, fiberglass or aluminum screens . While still providing excellent outward visibility, our doors let your pets enjoy fresh air without you worrying if they will damage the screen mesh. Ask about our optional pet doors.

Rigorous Testing

All screens have passed the following tests:

Salt Spray Test ASTM B117

Salt SprayCorrosion resistance test for all metallic components. An accelerated climate machine (10,000 hours equivalency to 10 years) produces a corrosive attack on coated samples, accurately measuring the suitablity
and resistance of the protective finish to corrosive agents.

Simulates exposure to coastal weather conditions. Majestec security mesh successfully passes and/or exceeds this test.

Knife Shear Test AS5039, AS5041Knife Shear Test AS5039, AS5041

Standardized compliance test for security doors and windows. A specifically selected knife is used to simulate an attack on the mesh, repeated 3 times, in a constant directional force.

Vertical force 15kg (150N); horizontal force 35 kg (150N); at a velocity of 6 mm/second.


Dynamic Impact Test AS5039, AS5041Dynamic Impact Test AS5039, AS5041

Another standardized compliance test applied to ensure impact resistance to the fixing system of the sash and panel components.
The test is comprised of a heavy bag (36-46 kg) swung to directly impact the mesh, repeated five times, in varying directions.
Majestec security mesh successfully passes and/or exceeds this test.

 Jemmy Test AS5039, AS5041

A strength test designed to simulate attempted forced-entry by burglars and intruders usingJemmy Test AS5039, AS5041
an implement to pry open doors and windows or break locks and hinges by applying leverage
forces against the locking, fastening and hinging points.

Our building product specifications are complete with technical
data, ASTM standards, performance features and product attributes.

1) SUS 316 (marine grade) 0.0315 inch (0.8 mm) wire diameter, high tensile stainless steel
10.5 strands per linear inch weft and 11 strands per linear inch warp. The woven wire cloth
according to ISO9044 / ASTM E2016-06 standards. The open area space for the mesh is
42.7% (with min. tensile strength > 800 lbs./linear inch).

2) The mesh is powder coated to Australian Standard (AS4506-2005 Metal Finishing for thermo
set powder coating). These standards set out relevant test procedures and specify performance
requirements for themo-set powder coatings applied to metal substrates. Major applications
specify for a stainless steel substrate with very high grade of industrial classification.

3) The pre-treatment system incorporates a process for the mesh which includes alkaline cleaning,
water rinsing, acid cleaning, water rinsing, deionizer, chromate, drying, and coating

4) Independent salt-spray testing has exceeded 10,000 hours under laboratory conditions according
to ASTM B117-2009.

Aluminum Extrusion
1) The extruded aluminum material is 6063-T5 which has a high strength and corrosion resistance.

2) Aluminum is powder coated to American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA 2603) and
the Australian Standard (AS 3715-2002) American and Australian standards set out the test procedure
and specify performance requirements for thermo set powder coatings intended specifically for
architectural applications.

3) The pre-treatment system incorporates processing the aluminum which includes degreasing, water
rinsing, chromate, water rinsing, deionizer, drying, and coating.