As a homeowner, you already know that you must take part in securing your home, whether that means purchasing a camera system, securing your home with security screens, or just keeping the lights and tv on when you go out. However, without knowledge of how burglars think – everything from where they are most likely to enter a home, to how much planning goes into the average burglary – you may feel lost on where to put your money.

With the five startling burglary facts below, you’ll have a great starting point of knowledge to refer to when choosing a home security system:

1.) Almost 30% of burglars enter though an unlocked door or window.

Have you ever left your home’s door or window open in an attempt to circulate air through your home? The sad fact is, that by doing this, you leave your space vulnerable to attack. Even if you’re home, someone looking to burglarize your home can enter through an unlocked door or window. Before you know it, you may be the victim of a burglary – and you thought it was safe to leave the back door open to let airflow in as you worked up front in your home office!

Despite this fact, you can avoid such an occurrence through the use of security screens. Majestec’s security screens allow you to keep your home’s vulnerable openings safe without having to compromise the ability to open them and let airflow in. This allows you to keep open doors and windows when you’re home alone, at night, or even when you leave the house.

2.) 34% of burglars enter the home through the front door.

When the front door is left vulnerable – whether by a weak locking system, un-protected door, or other lack of security – potential burglars will notice and take advantage. Your front door is one of your home’s most vulnerable openings, and the bad-guys know this!

Majestec’s security doors have several mechanisms than guarantee protection of your space. With our marine-grade stainless steel mesh, burglars won’t be able to cut or pry apart your door, as they might be able to with other styles of security doors. Plus, we always install your door with our very own triple-point locking system – a system that uses latch hooks to secure the top, middle, and bottom of your door, which ensures that no burglar will be able to break in by jemmying open your security screen.

3.) 95% of all burglaries must be completed through a method of forced entry.

95% of all burglaries must be completed by a means of forced entry. This includes, but is not limited to: breaking glass, kicking in doors, picking locks, and even unscrewing window bars where the screws are accessible.

Due to the way that we install our own security screens at Majestec, it is virtually impossible for a burglar to unscrew & remove an installed security screen. Plus, there are so many other features to our screens that prevent forced entry:
– Our mesh is un-cuttable, and passes the knife-shearing test.
– Our mesh is clamped into the aluminum framing at several points, preventing a kick in. The mesh & door also passes the dynamic impact test, which means that it is fully resistant to kicking & forced impact.
– Every Majestec locking system is also resistant to lock-picking, making it a great layer of security to add to your standard door.

4.) Over 40% of burglaries are impulsive, and are committed by the burglar in an unplanned fashion.

With four out of every ten burglars, there is typically little to no planning in their method. When there is planning involved, it usually involves factors that have to do with easy escape, and not necessarily with successful entry of the home. Therefore, burglars aren’t usually planning on how to enter the home. Security systems such as security screens and alarm systems are an immediate deterrent in many cases – burglars would rather go for an easy target where entry will take as few seconds as possible.

This is why Majestec’s security screens will work great as a deterrent against burglars. Our screens act as a large piece of the puzzle that burglars must solve before a successful home invasion. When the puzzle is too complicated, burglars will typically move on to the next home, often one with a much less complicated “puzzle”. Wouldn’t you rather have a complicated security system that leaves potential burglars baffled and bewildered?

5.) Despite your concerns, burglaries are decreasing across the United States – due to an increase in selection for home security products.

With an increase in affordable options for home security, more and more homeowners are investing in their safety. There are tons of options on the market – security cameras, alarm systems, and security screens among them. And while it is always best to have a mixture of systems installed to baffle potential burglars, you can always start with one that makes most sense for your home.

Security screens are often the best option for starting to build your home’s custom security system. Alarms are great, but many burglars already have ways around disarming them. And camera systems often indicate valuable goods in the home, making them less of a deterrent and more of an invitation to burglars. Security screens, on the other hand, act as both a deterrent and a physical barrier to the home, making it a great option for the homeowner who is just starting to build out their security system.

The great news is that Majestec’s single-entry security doors – your best starting point as a secure homeowner – start at just $1,599 for a standard 36 x 80. Our pricing is fully inclusive of installation, sales tax, and the locking system for each door.

Consider that the average burglary victim loses nearly $2,500 in property – makes it that much easier to justify the price of a security system, right?