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Majestec's 'invisible' security screens physically secure your home, unlike security alarm systems, while maintaining complete outward visibility, natural airflow, and architectural appeal.
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Majestec Mesh

The Magic’s In The Mesh

Majestec gets it’s strength and transparency by utilizing woven steel mesh, a revolutionary technology in the home security industry.


Majestec Visibility


Woven 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Security Mesh offers the same visibility as regular fiberglass insect screen, but with the ability to keep an intruder out of your home.

Majestec Protection And Peace Of Mind

Protection And Peace Of Mind

Leave your doors and windows open for airflow, or even answer a knock at your door, and still have peace of mind knowing Majestec Premium Security Screens are securing your home.

Majestec Aesthetic Appeal

Aesthetic Appeal

Add a physical barrier to your home to protect your family, valuables, and sense of security without compromising it’s beauty.

Stainless steel is a term applied to alloy steels containing a minimum of 10.5% chromium. This gives it high resistance to corrosion. Less resistive compositions of stainless steel (304 being one) are more susceptible to corrosion including “tea staining”. This brown discoloration does not affect 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel as it’s anti-corrosive properties are much higher and it is suggested for applications within 30 miles of the coast, and most certainly within 3 miles or in other harsh environments including high pollution, temperature, and wind.
Some may claim that .9mm 304 stainless steel wire is stronger than our .8mm 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel, but is that true? Even a thicker wire can fail more easily than thinner ones if it’s tensile strength, or it’s ability to stretch before breaking, is not great enough. Majestec’s premium woven 316 Marine Grade wire mesh easily passes stringent knife shear tests in accordance with Australian security door and window ratings.
Majestec is Meshtec’s own brand of finished product line of security screen doors and security window screens utilizing genuine 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Meshtec Mesh in their own patented fastening and tensioning system and heavy duty frame extrusion/hardware combination.

Why Choose Majestec

      • CA Contractor (Lic #890060) with full Liability AND Workers’ Comp Insurance for your protection
      • We specialize in our full product line, not insect screens, awnings, window film/tint, etc.
      • We work with architects, designers, and custom builders to incorporate our product line into new construction
      • Secure your entire home including windows and oversized outdoor living space openings with our custom, made to order product line
      • Your salesperson is your installer! No mix-ups or hassles between person measuring and person installing



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